The Works Spray 4 oz.

The ‘EVERYTHING’ experience. This refreshing spray is how our whole company started. We love essential oils & their beneficial qualities. Use the works any way you like. Mist on the nape of your neck to cool & refresh you in summer & keep mosquitos away, spray on pillows for a good nights sleep, or just make it your signature scent.

What is Scentscaping and why should I do it?

Smells are memories and evoke emotions. Scentscaping is basically the concept of creating an experience by way of different scents in your office or home. When choosing a smell for your home, each individual needs to think about what mood you’d like to evoke (calming, relaxing or invigorating, nostalgic or energized) and then determine what are the specific scents that trigger those emotions/ moods for you.

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